Why Do We Offer Direct Debit for Ventures and More?

To create a secure hassle free payment method for our regular customers, and to prevent overdue invoices.

To allow for a professional and safe agreement between client and business, to ensure both parties are happy.

Reduce hassles and follow ups for both parties in regards to any outstanding invoice payments 

So both parties can go about their day knowing that their information is secure and payments organised  

As a BONUS you will receive a free treat pack every month when you signup to our direct debit system. This is our way of saying thank you for making it easier for us to focus on being more involved with your furfriends!


Direct Debit for Ventures and More

If you would like to do direct debit for our Ventures and More we ask you to complete a form that we will supply upon request.

Once completed and returned to us we will organise to process a first payment for services over the phone.

This will allow these details to be encrypted via our stripe processing platform and are kept secure for future payments- please note we can not see the full details of this card at any time.

You will receive an invoice every Monday for the amount owing for all related services booked for the upcoming week.

This invoice will state the due date which will always fall on a Friday (or the following Monday if a weekend service is booked)

On the due date we we will automatically charge your details as you have advised and a receipt will be sent to you shortly after for your records.