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Hi my name is Darcy and I am the owner of Pawsome services-

I have been within the pet industry for over 8 years working in a wide range of jobs. Gathering skills and understanding of what best works when it comes to our beloved furpals, truly growing a passion to provide specialized care. I believe that all animals deserve the same care/love and attention as we would provide to ourselves/others, I have under gone practical courses to better understand animals and to help create a more fulfilling and rewarding service.

I have been raised heavily with family morals and this is why I created Pawsome Services as a family service- meaning it is just my partner and I- creating comfortability and trust.

Meet The Team: About Us


Personal Assistant

A caring and patient animal lover who strives to understand and nurture each furpal with their unique personalities. I believe that with love and consistency each member of the furmily can thrive with our services.

Meet The Team: About Us
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